Friday, November 26, 2010


Hi everyone!

Just wanted to let you know that Snack 'n Snooze is having a 20% off sale starting now until the end of Monday, Nov. 29th. Woohoo!!! Cozy beds & blankets, yummy all-natural treats in a variety of flavors for your cats & dogs, fun toys & more!

Please be sure to use coupon code: THANKS20 to receive your discount.

Snack 'n Snooze

Happy Thanksgiving, and happy shopping!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Cat vs Dog

Our cat, Tatiana, and our dog, Sushi, have grown up together. They are both 7 yrs old. They got off to a rocky start, though. Tatiana was 5 months old when we brought 2 month old Sushi home. Tatiana growled, hissed and swatted at poor puppy Sushi. Sushi wouldn't come out of his crate if she was around. This lasted for about a day and a half. Finally, Sushi had had enough! He came racing out of his crate barking his head off at Tatiana, who quickly ran off. After that, they were the best of pals. Since they were the same size at that time, they would chase and wrestle all over the livingroom, it was pure fun and entertainment! As they got bigger, they still continue to play, and Sushi often mimics how Tatiana uses her paws. But, Sushi likes to be sneaky and tries to get in a few hipchecks now and then. Tatiana is almost always the instigator. I took this video the other night, as this goes on every time I am preparing their supper. You'll see our other cat, Bailey, for a few seconds at the beginning, she doesn't like to get involved!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Organization & Free Shipping!

Hi! I've decided to offer FREE SHIPPING on all items in my shop this weekend - that includes treats, beds, blankets, toys, bandanas, etc... so I hope you will see if there is anything your furkids might want :) I will be adding new items over the next few days, too.

This is my Shiba Inu, Sushi, modeling one of my new doggy bandanas.

I have a question for all of you. How do you organize your day when it come to your shop? I hate to admit I'm a bit of a procrastinator, so usually at the last minute I am rushing to work on something new. But, I've decided to change my ways and my thinking. I used to think if I started a project, that I should finish it the same day. Now I am just happy if I start it, work on it for awhile, then finish it the next day. That is for new items of course! Also, I work part-time in the mornings, so when I get home, I take 1 hr for lunch, and then work on my shop for 2 hours, and then have the evenings off for when hubby comes home. It seems to be working, and I feel less stressed when it comes time to work on new items or replace ones that have been sold.

How about you? How do you organize you day?

Friday, July 9, 2010

FREE SHIPPING on Fleece Pet Beds

Hey everyone!

I had a meeting with Sushi, Tatiana & Bailey. They want me to give FREE SHIPPING this weekend, starting today, on all Fleece Pet Beds! So, I am! Shipping costs will be refunded via paypal. So, please check out my shop and I hope you find something comfy cozy for your furbaby.

Here are some of the beds available, but there are more on my shop's website.


Monday, June 28, 2010

Are You Following Troy and Emmie of Hike for our Heroes?

Have you heard of Troy & Emmie yet? Not to worry! Now is your chance to follow them on Facebook & Twitter simply by going to their website Hike for our Heroes

Troy is a war veteran walking across the country to raise funds and awareness to military families in need. His faithful sidekick, is 3 yr old black & tan Shiba Inu, Emmie. Emmie is also a certified Therapy Dog, and during her off hours, likes to chase ducks even if it means diving into a swamp! Troy's goal is to raise $5 million.

On their website, you can follow where they have been and where they will be going to. You can also buy merchandise to support them, and see photos along the way. And, of course, make donations.

This past weekend, approximately 15 Shibas from Missouri and Kansas met Troy, his wife, and Emmie. It was a lot of fun, and the Shibas behaved themselves perfectly. Even when the KC mascot came out to taunt them!

Here is a video and some photos from this past weekend.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Preparing Your Pets Before a Disaster Strikes

Have any of you been through some sort of disaster that involved your pets? A fire, a tornado, etc...?

Here is a link to some very useful informaton to help owners prepare for disasters, so we can help our pets stay stay before, during, and after.


I've never had to worry about this until moving to Missouri. When I lived in New Brunswick and Ontario, my biggest concern was snow, which my Shiba Inu, Sushi, loved! Now he has to deal with major thunderstorms (he was never afraid before) and of course, we all worry about tornados.

Please check out this article to be as prepared as possible. Stay safe, and together!


Thursday, June 3, 2010

What Do Your Pets Do For You?

Today was a bit of a frustrating day for me. My sewing machine is pretty old. It was given to me by my Father-in-Law, and it had belonged to his Grandmother, to give you an idea. It works. I consider myself a beginner when it comes to sewing, but I'm getting the hang of it. Practice makes perfect, right? Well, this morning, I spent an hour just winding thread onto the bobbin. Sounds simple enough doesn't it? I was very frustrated and about to give up on my project (just for the day), when my wonderful dog, Sushi, a Shiba Inu, came upstairs and then sat down right in front of me, obviously wanting attention. I understand how Sushi thinks, after nearly 7 years. I've been told we are mirror images of each other. And, yes, I believe Sushi came upstairs to get attention in order for me to take a break. Petting animals can lower blood pressure, it's been reported. Sushi is a smart dog, and after I spent some time fussing over him, I continued with my project...which took all of 5 minutes to sew.

So, what do your pets do for you?


Sunday, May 30, 2010

Who Loves Sushi??

If you love sushi, check out my newest treasury. My dog's name is Sushi and he is Japanese, so he kind of insired this treasury, in a weird sort of way :)



Monday, May 24, 2010


Whether you love cats or not, we all know they ALL have catitude. I've created this Treasury on to celebrate cats and their catitude.




Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Happy Dogs and Cats!

Snack 'n Snooze Homemade Pet Products was recently featured by a new customer, .tira's destash. Please take a minute or two to read what she blogged about - not just because it is about my shop, but because it is so well written and I love the photos she took!

Happy Customers!


Monday, May 17, 2010

Meet Some Real Cool Cats

BETTY (Ithink she is the most glamorous looking cat, just look at those eyes!)

ANNIE (voted best lap cat by Wayside Waifs!)

SCORPIO & HARVEY (Scorpio is a great lap cat, and very playful too! Harvey is one of our older cats at the shelter, but he is very sweet and laid back).

It's pretty obvious that I love animals, particularly dogs and cats. I've always had a love for animals. As a child, I grew up with 2 Basenjis (at different times). When I grew up I wanted to be a veterinarian until I realized that didn't mean I just got to play with the animals all day :)

As I got older, the need to "do something" animal-related was very strong. When I got Sushi, my 6.5 yr old Shiba Inu, I became Organizer for the Toronto Shiba Inu Meetup group. Then, I became one of the co-founders for Shiba Rescue GTA.
Then, nearly 2 years ago, my husband and I decided to move to Missouri (his family is here). I was unemployed, searching for a job. When we first arrived, I wanted to find an enclosed dog park to take Sushi to. We found Bark Park at Wayside Waifs! Little did I know what my discovery of this park would lead to! I was so impressed by the grounds for this no-kill shelter, that I signed up to volunteer.
I originally started out volunteering mainly with the dogs - walking them, playing with them, giving them plenty of love. I even became involved in playgroups with the small dogs, which was a lot of fun. Whenever I was ready to leave for the day, I would go in to see the cats. Slowly, I started to spend more and more time with the cats. I'm not sure what it was. We have 2 cats that I love to pieces, but I always considered myself a dog person first. Well, the cats of Wayside Waifs won me over. They also taught me a lot about cats. Doesn't that sound funny, considering I had 2 at home? Well, these cats taught me that things happen on their terms, and most importantly to be patient. I have had so many favourites, I miss many of them, but I am also overjoyed when they are adopted to their new families and given the loving home they so much deserve.
A little over a year ago, I applied to work with the Feline Comfort Crew at Wayside Waifs. Basically, cleaning the kennels, and socializing the cats. We also check on their health and if something doesn't seem right, we notifiy the vet clinic. Anyways, I love my job. The best part, for me, is seeing new cats improve - they come in scared, shy, matted, angry and some do come in as if nothing ever changed and are happy go lucky. I enjoy working with the cats that need a little bit more help, and those tend to be my favourites.

These cats are currently up for adoption, awaiting their forever home. If you, or someone you know, is looking to give a cat (s) a wonderful home, please visit Wayside Waifs webpage for more info.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Finicky Felines Dine in Style

If you like your cat or kitten to snack in style, then this placemat is for them! Show how much you love your feline by using this cute placemat for their food & water. Same pattern is used on the bottom, so this can be reversed. Measurements: 21.5 X 12 inches

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Who Loves Stuffed Toys?

I think everyone loves stuffed toys at some point in their life. Some, like me, love them forever.

Wish With Me has a fun and unique mix of machine and hand stitch creations. From a dog dressed as a pirate to a Kitty cat ballerina. Tiny animal play sets, plush dolls, whimsical fairies, and stuffed toy animals. Custom orders are welcome, too!

Please check out this shop, so many cute items! Post which one is your fav!

Here are some of my favs:

Turtles in tie dyed colores - hand stitched

Wedding Anniversary Cats Customized Personalized Plush

Tiny Garden Fairy Carly

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

How Many Shih Tzus Does It Take...

My most recent customers were 4 adorable Shih Tzus: Checkmate, Phoebe, Zeus, and Addie Rose. Their owner, who also has a shop on Etsy called DeniseBlack, bought a large fleece dog bed for them to share. Well, apparently, it was a big hit, but it was girls vs boys! The girls weren't allowing the boys on it, and one of the girls would even block the boys from getting on it. I have since heard, though, that one of the boys bravely made it on to the bed a few days ago - yay! :)
At DeniseBlack you will find all kind of hats and dread tams along with other items she has for sale. She has been crocheting for years and is a published designer.
If you like this pattern, I do have 1 medium sized bed available. It is a good size for a dog 20 lbs or less (or a cat!).

Friday, April 30, 2010

How To Improve Your Craft Fair Experience as a Seller

A wonderful Etsian, LayneDesign, has posted a very helpful list to help those of us that want to attend our first Craft Fair, or even for those that have gone but would like a few extra pointers. She has graciously agreed for me to post her advice here, so be sure to check it out, and please add comments or questions. Maybe you will have some tips as well!

Be sure to check out LayneDesigns's shop - she makes "everything from oil painting, to decorative painting to cloth primitive dolls." It's a really cool shop. - Bonnie

LayneDesign says:
I have been doing craft shows for 16 years. I spent 3 years weeding out the bad ones. Here is my advice.

1. Stay away from churches and firehalls.

2. Display means a lot!! My sales tripled when I took the time to put a nicer display together. (you dont want to look like a garage sale)

3. You have to have your 1 and 2 dollar items. then middle price 5-10 dollars then the higher stuff. Around 75 - 80% of your sales will come from the lower and mid ranged priced items.

4. Check with your chamber of commerce or with who ever is holding the craft show. They usually have numbers of how many people attended the year before.

5. Talk to the other vendors. They usually have a good idea as to which shows are better.

6. Be picky as to what shows you do. I used to try to do as many shows as I could a summer. All I did was make myself tired. Now I only do 3-5 shows a summer and one in the fall.

7. THIS IS IMPORTANT!!! People steal at the shows!! (not other vendors, but the crowd). Make sure you have someone with you for potty breaks!!!! If not another vendor next to you is usually willing to keep an eye on things. If it is a super big show always have another person with you. You have to really pay attention especially if you have smaller items.

8. Don't give up my first show I made 18 dollars. Now I usually make over $1000.

9. You MUST have a state tax ID number. Yes the state goes to the shows and checks. AND you can get a fine. (You have to collect sales tax and send it to the state) The Certificate must be displayed in your area. (check with your local state as to the exact laws)

Friday, April 23, 2010

Reigning Cats and Dogs

I just made this really cute treasury on called Reigning Cats & Dogs. Please take a moment to check it out. It is made up from some of my fav Etsy Shop. Plenty of dog and cat products to look at! Pet clothing, collars, pet beds, towels, photos, felted pets, and of course toys for pets! Enjoy!


Thursday, April 22, 2010

Featured Etsy Shop: Artby TuranLoch

Hey Blog Followers, I've decided to start featuring some of my favourite Etsy Shops. I"ll try to do this on daily basis. Some of these shops I have already purchased some, but they are all very creative, and I think they deserve a spotlight, so please check them out.

Today, our featured Shop is Artby TuranLoch

Artby TuranLoch created Snack 'n Snooze's Logo!

I had just started out on Etsy, tried to make my own logo and failed miserably. I checked out Alchemy on Etsy, and found Artby TuranLoch. Very talented, and most importantly patient. Listened (read) my own ideas but provided suggestions as well until the logo was complete. Because my shop was inspired by my pets, a Shiba Inu & 2 cats, of course they had to somehow be involved in the logo.

Artby TuranLoch does custom banners, avatars, business card templates, birthday, party or wedding invites, thank you cards, labels, logos, photocollages, silhouettes, blog banners, blog templates etc.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Woof Woof! Something for the Pooches.

I just listed this new fleece dog bed. My dog, Sushi, is approx. 20 lbs to give you an idea of the size. I love this pattern. My in-laws found it for me, and it has a variety of dogs in the pattern - maybe one of them looks like your dog! Sushi was kind enough to model with it (treats always help!) I think this is one of my fav beds so far! What do you think?

Monday, April 19, 2010

2 New Pet Products!

Meowza! Yes, both new products are for the felines, but don't let your doggies fret. I have an ongoing project for a new product for them, it's just taking a bit longer.

The 2 new products are:

Catnip Fish Toys

Cat Kitty Crocheted Blanket

My cats love toys and they love it when I make new crocheted cat blankets. I've lost count of how many they have. I also donate several to the shelter I work at for the adopted cats to bring to their new forever home.

If you have a cat or kitty that might enjoy some fun toys or a cozy blanket, please check out my shop at Snack 'n Snooze.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Picking Colors for our Pets

Does your pet have a favorite color, or do you? When you buy things for your pets, which colors do you tend to buy? Does it matter? Some owners may want to match their own home decor, some might go for bright colors, and for some it may not matter. Which colors do you look for when buying for your pets?

For our dog, for collars or harnesses, usually black, blue, or purple. For our cats, just about anything goes for our Torti, but for our black DSH - yellow or red goes well with her.


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

It's Bailey's 6th Birthday Today!

In honour of our cat, Bailey's, birthday, any fleece pet beds purchased from Snack 'n Snooze TODAY or TOMORROW, will have FREE SHIPPING. I will refund the shipping cost via paypal. A lot of the fleece pet beds are on sale, so please take a look! Some are only for dog, only for cats, and some could be for either.



Monday, April 12, 2010

Hike For our Heroes

Troy is an Iraq-war veteran who will be hiking 7000 miles across America beginning April 17th, to raise money for struggling veterans, and help get a national "Day of the Deployed". His Shiba Inu, Emmy, is accompanying him. Show your support by joining his Facebook Fan Page


217 Adoptions!!

As my dog would say...ROOHOO!!! Wayside Waif's adoptathon on the weekend resulted in 217 adoptions, and that included 2 bunnies. It was a busy weekend, but a happy one :) Josephine, in the previous post, was adopted. The others are still there awaiting their turn. Now that the adoptathon is over, I'll be back to concentrating on some new items for Snack 'n Snooze!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Cats Needing Their Furrever Home

As you know, today is the start of Wayside Waif's weeknd adoptathon!

Slick had the honor of being the first cat adopted this morning! Yay! He was one of my favs, so I will miss him, but I"m thrilled for him :) I thought I would post a few pics of some of the other cats available, and if you want to check out the other available dogs & cats, visit Wayside Waifs website.

PLEASE send this to all your friends and family, and ask them to pass it along as well. You never know who might live close enough to want to visit Wayside and find their new best friend.







Slick - adopted!



Thursday, April 8, 2010

Getting Ready for the Adopt-a-Thon

The shelter I work at, Wayside Waifs is having their 3rd annual adopt-a-thon starting tomorrow, and it continues until Sunday. I have today and tomorrow off, so inbetween orders for Snack 'n Snooze, I am busily crocheting cat blankets for the cats & kittens to take with them to their new homes. I'm sure I won't have enough, so I'm going to bring some catnip squares so that hopefully every cat or kitten will have something to take with them.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Black Cat/Black Dog Syndrome

Ever heard of Black Cat or Black Dog Syndrome? It's not made up. Black cats and black dogs are the last to be adopted in shelters and rescues. I work at Wayside Waifs and I see it for myself.

How many of you have a black cat or black dog? I have a wonderful nearly 6 yr old Black cat. Some of you may have seen her modeling in my shop. Her name is Bailey. She is a terrific lap cat, and is fairly quiet, unless it is dinner time. I have several favourite cats at the shelter, and a lot of them are black cats. They deserve a forever home too, and they are just as loveable as any other coloured cat. Same goes for the dogs. So, give them a chance.

Please take a few minutes to check out this site, and the video on it, it's worth it.

Black Dog Syndrome

Also, if you live in or near Missouri, Wayside Waifs is holding their adopt-a-thon this weekend, so be sure to come by and ask to see the black cats and the black dogs, ok?


Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Keep Your Pets Safe While Traveling

I am a huge advocate of safety for pets when traveling in the car.

About 6 years ago, my wonderful Shiba Inu, Sushi, and I were leaving the dog park. We had just spent about an hour there to let Sushi burn off some energy. We had a lot of fun, and it was time to go.

The street we needed to turn left onto was quite busy, so I decided to turn right which would take just a few more minutes to get home. Well, it was about 2 hours before we got home. An oncoming car lost control and not only hit into us head on, but also into the driver's side. I remember thinking we might die, then I heard Sushi scream. It was quiet. When I opened my eyes, my first concern was Sushi. We've always used either a crate or buckle him in the backseat using his 3-in-1 Vest Harness. This time he had the harness. I managed to get out of the car and checked on Sushi - he was scared, but physically seemed ok. He was still buckled in.

Our car was totalled. Even though I had been wearing my seatbelt, I had 7 months of physio. Sushi was afraid to go in a car for a few months, but otherwise he was perfectly fine. That seatbelt harness saved him from possible injury or worse, death. It also prevented him (20 lbs) from being thrown against me.

There are many options when it comes to taking your dog (or cats) in the car, and keeping them safe. Some car companies often sell barriers to fit into your car. There are a variety of seatbelt options as well.

Please, if you love your pets, find the safest way to travel with your pets in the car. The crate is probably the safest, in my opinion, especially for cats! If you choose to use a crate, place it in the backseat facing the back of the passenger seat. Move the passenger seat back just enough so the crate is snug. If it is a small crate, you should be able to use the car seatbelt to put through the crate's handle.

Never ever travel with your pet loose in your car. You never know what could happen. Do not allow your pets to ride in the front seat. You don't allow small children, so why should your pets? I have seen a small dog, who was wearing a cheap seatbelt type of harness, get so excited to see the dog park, that it jumped out of the rolled down window. Luckily, the car was not moving very fast, and the dog was ok.

Also, as much as dogs love to stick their noses out the window, do not allow this. A loose object could actually hit them and depending on what the object is, how fast you are driving, etc...this could really injure your dog.

As Sushi liks to say....BUCKLE UP DAWGS! (and cats).


Thursday, April 1, 2010

Why Do You Love Your Pets?

I love all my pets because of the unconditional love that they give every day. I also love that they forgive & forget fairly easily :) I love that they make me laugh, help me to relax, and of course they inspire me as well!

I have a Shiba Inu, 2 cats, and Dwarf Hamster.

Post about your pets and why you love them so much.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Cute Pedigree Ad

Watch for the Shiba Inu, which is my dog, Sushi's, breed. All the dogs are cute!


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Shop to Help Shiba Rescue GTA!

Hey everyone,

For the month of March, 25% of sales from Snack 'n Snooze Homemade Pet Products will be donated to Shiba Rescue GTA. Shiba Rescue GTA is the only known Shiba Inu rescue in Canada. Snack 'n Snooze has all natural dog and cat treats, cozy fleece pet beds, and fun pet toys. Support your breed! And, tell your furpals about it too :)


Monday, March 15, 2010

New Cat Toy!

Meet the Kitty Katerpillar!

Squiggly, squishy, soft and silly!

This Kitty Katerpillar will provide plenty of fun and enjoyment for your cat or kitten. Toss it in the air for them to catch or slide it across the floor for them to chase and slide after! Bright colors are attractive to cats as well.

Monday, March 8, 2010

All Natural Bacon 'n Cheese Dog Treats

Yes, a new flavor, woof woof!!!!!

I use real bacon in these treats, so they are extra tasty. But, let your dog be the judge of that.

Ingredients include: flour, skim milk, sharp cheddar cheese, bacon, baking powder

Buy 3 bags for just $5! Your dogs will thank you for it :)


Saturday, March 6, 2010

Etsy for Animals

Artists Helping Animals.

Snack 'n Snooze Homemade Pet Products is proud to be a member of the EFA Team.

EFA Artists Helping Animals is a group of more than 500 independent artists, independent craftspeople, independent vintage suppliers, and independent art and craft suppliers that combine their efforts to provide charitable relief to animals. EFA can be found as a Team on, an online marketplace for buying and selling handmade items. All members of EFA are also Etsy members.

Each month an animal charity is chosen from charities nominated by one or more EFA members to be the EFA Charity of the Month. Please check out our EFA Animal Charity of the Month to see who we are supporting this month as a group and past charities to which we have donated.
Many members of EFA donate 10 to 100 percent of their sales or profits to either the EFA Animal Charity of the Month and other animal charities. To find EFA sellers on Etsy, search team efa.

EFA also sponsors a Monthly Challenge as a way of spurring participation, camaraderie, innovation, and fun, while showcasing the varied talents of each EFA member.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Swanky Pup

Woohoo! Found out today that Snack 'n Snooze is being featured on The Swanky Pup. What a cool site, be sure to check it out!


Friday, February 26, 2010

Hey, Wanna Win Cat or Dog Treats?

If you want a chance at winning some yummy & healthy all natural dog or cat treats, check out this blog, The Green Haven, featuring Snack 'n Snooze Homemade Pet Products. Read all the details to increase your chance to win!

Good luck, and may the best pup win! (or cat). Tell your friends and family!


Sushi and his sushi accessories

I'd like to introduce a fellow Etsy Shop Owner. Her name is Elisa, she is 11 yrs old, and all her profits help to pay off her dog's vet bills. Her shop is called AllForJasmine Her dog is an adorable Boston Terrier named Jasmine! Elisa makes really cute & cool items from polymer clay. Don't let her age fool you, she is really talented, and apparently does not use any molds for her items. I just learned that some of her items will be sold in a boutique as well, how awesome is that!

I have bought from AllforJasmine twice now. I love cinnamon so I had to buy the cinnamon bun, and then Elisa made an item with sushi in it! Well, of course I had to get that as well! So, without further is MY Sushi, wearing his/my sushi necklace:

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Looking for a new Feline Friend?

Aside from running Snack 'n Snooze Homemade Pet Products, I work part-time at our local animal shelter, Wayside Waifs, in Missouri. Last year, Wayside helped rescue and adopt out 5000 animals. I work in one of the cat areas, and I absolutely love it.

This month, 10% of Snack 'n Snooze's sales will be donated to Wayside Waifs.

I'd like to introduce you to our longest feline resident. Annie has been at Wayside Waifs for 9 months now. The is a pretty girl with the most gorgeous green eyes. She is playful, and has been voted "Best Lap Cat". The best way to meet Annie, of course, is to come down to Wayside Waifs. But, if you'd like a sneak peek, take a look at this video of Annie:

If you or someone you know is interested in adopting Annie, please visit Wayside Waifs

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Snack 'n Snooze Featured in a Blog!

One of our customers has been kind enough to feature our shop in their blog, check it out!

Milton & Margie's Soy Wax Candles

Aren't their dogs just adorable? I love their shop, too!


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Price Reduction on Cozy Fleece Pet Beds!

Selected Fleece pet beds have been reduced in price! These are just 3 of several available pre-made beds!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Cats vs Dogs

Hi! I created my first Treasury on Be sure to check out all these wonderful Etsy shops!

Cats vs Dogs Treasury


Thursday, January 14, 2010


Hi everyone,

Don't forget we have FREE SHIPPING all this month on pet fleece beds (customer orders welcomed), all natural dog & cat treats, dog & cat toys!

Remember to spoil your furkids for Valentines!!!

Snack 'n Snooze was featured in another blog!

Thank you to My black cat, Bailey, is showing off our medium fleece pet bed. It is filled with quilt batting for extra comfort. My dog can fit on it too, he s 20 lbs.

Friday, January 1, 2010


Yes, it's true - free shipping for the entire month of January on all products (excluding scratch post). Custom orders for pet fleece beds; pre-made pet fleece beds, dog and cat toys, and yummy healthy dog treats!

I also have new fleece fabric available, especially for Valentine's Day!

Visit our shop at Snack 'n Snooze Home-made Pet Products