Thursday, April 15, 2010

Picking Colors for our Pets

Does your pet have a favorite color, or do you? When you buy things for your pets, which colors do you tend to buy? Does it matter? Some owners may want to match their own home decor, some might go for bright colors, and for some it may not matter. Which colors do you look for when buying for your pets?

For our dog, for collars or harnesses, usually black, blue, or purple. For our cats, just about anything goes for our Torti, but for our black DSH - yellow or red goes well with her.



  1. My current kitties don't wear collars, but my 1st kitty wore a double strand of pearls around her neck. She was a fancy cat;D

    But I'd definitely match my pet's personality/coloring before I tried to match the accessories to my decor.

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  3. My first cat, Mr. Destiny, always seemed drawn to pink - and I was told once that green & pink hues are switched. Then I think I found out cats are colorblind? LOL, I don't know - but I always associated black, pink & green with Mr. Destiny. My current cats, Kermit & Otis are solid gray so I like them in bright colors for a nice contrast. :)