Monday, April 19, 2010

2 New Pet Products!

Meowza! Yes, both new products are for the felines, but don't let your doggies fret. I have an ongoing project for a new product for them, it's just taking a bit longer.

The 2 new products are:

Catnip Fish Toys

Cat Kitty Crocheted Blanket

My cats love toys and they love it when I make new crocheted cat blankets. I've lost count of how many they have. I also donate several to the shelter I work at for the adopted cats to bring to their new forever home.

If you have a cat or kitty that might enjoy some fun toys or a cozy blanket, please check out my shop at Snack 'n Snooze.


  1. I think you have the right idea there. You can really design stuff your cats will like rather than buying some premade item. I feel that homemade toys will always be a better bet than spending a ton at the store.

  2. And, my cats & dog love trying everything out when I make something new, lol.