Monday, June 28, 2010

Are You Following Troy and Emmie of Hike for our Heroes?

Have you heard of Troy & Emmie yet? Not to worry! Now is your chance to follow them on Facebook & Twitter simply by going to their website Hike for our Heroes

Troy is a war veteran walking across the country to raise funds and awareness to military families in need. His faithful sidekick, is 3 yr old black & tan Shiba Inu, Emmie. Emmie is also a certified Therapy Dog, and during her off hours, likes to chase ducks even if it means diving into a swamp! Troy's goal is to raise $5 million.

On their website, you can follow where they have been and where they will be going to. You can also buy merchandise to support them, and see photos along the way. And, of course, make donations.

This past weekend, approximately 15 Shibas from Missouri and Kansas met Troy, his wife, and Emmie. It was a lot of fun, and the Shibas behaved themselves perfectly. Even when the KC mascot came out to taunt them!

Here is a video and some photos from this past weekend.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Preparing Your Pets Before a Disaster Strikes

Have any of you been through some sort of disaster that involved your pets? A fire, a tornado, etc...?

Here is a link to some very useful informaton to help owners prepare for disasters, so we can help our pets stay stay before, during, and after.


I've never had to worry about this until moving to Missouri. When I lived in New Brunswick and Ontario, my biggest concern was snow, which my Shiba Inu, Sushi, loved! Now he has to deal with major thunderstorms (he was never afraid before) and of course, we all worry about tornados.

Please check out this article to be as prepared as possible. Stay safe, and together!


Thursday, June 3, 2010

What Do Your Pets Do For You?

Today was a bit of a frustrating day for me. My sewing machine is pretty old. It was given to me by my Father-in-Law, and it had belonged to his Grandmother, to give you an idea. It works. I consider myself a beginner when it comes to sewing, but I'm getting the hang of it. Practice makes perfect, right? Well, this morning, I spent an hour just winding thread onto the bobbin. Sounds simple enough doesn't it? I was very frustrated and about to give up on my project (just for the day), when my wonderful dog, Sushi, a Shiba Inu, came upstairs and then sat down right in front of me, obviously wanting attention. I understand how Sushi thinks, after nearly 7 years. I've been told we are mirror images of each other. And, yes, I believe Sushi came upstairs to get attention in order for me to take a break. Petting animals can lower blood pressure, it's been reported. Sushi is a smart dog, and after I spent some time fussing over him, I continued with my project...which took all of 5 minutes to sew.

So, what do your pets do for you?