Thursday, April 22, 2010

Featured Etsy Shop: Artby TuranLoch

Hey Blog Followers, I've decided to start featuring some of my favourite Etsy Shops. I"ll try to do this on daily basis. Some of these shops I have already purchased some, but they are all very creative, and I think they deserve a spotlight, so please check them out.

Today, our featured Shop is Artby TuranLoch

Artby TuranLoch created Snack 'n Snooze's Logo!

I had just started out on Etsy, tried to make my own logo and failed miserably. I checked out Alchemy on Etsy, and found Artby TuranLoch. Very talented, and most importantly patient. Listened (read) my own ideas but provided suggestions as well until the logo was complete. Because my shop was inspired by my pets, a Shiba Inu & 2 cats, of course they had to somehow be involved in the logo.

Artby TuranLoch does custom banners, avatars, business card templates, birthday, party or wedding invites, thank you cards, labels, logos, photocollages, silhouettes, blog banners, blog templates etc.

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