Tuesday, May 4, 2010

How Many Shih Tzus Does It Take...

My most recent customers were 4 adorable Shih Tzus: Checkmate, Phoebe, Zeus, and Addie Rose. Their owner, who also has a shop on Etsy called DeniseBlack, bought a large fleece dog bed for them to share. Well, apparently, it was a big hit, but it was girls vs boys! The girls weren't allowing the boys on it, and one of the girls would even block the boys from getting on it. I have since heard, though, that one of the boys bravely made it on to the bed a few days ago - yay! :)
At DeniseBlack you will find all kind of hats and dread tams along with other items she has for sale. She has been crocheting for years and is a published designer.
If you like this pattern, I do have 1 medium sized bed available. It is a good size for a dog 20 lbs or less (or a cat!).


  1. They are just sooo sleepy!

    Your beds must work really well!

  2. That is just too cute. You're obviously doing something right!



  3. I just bought a bed for Pancho, my Boston Terrier, but next time I'll check out your shop first...and you have a new follower :)


  4. The girls have it back and will not share. They love this bed. I guess I have to buy another one for the boys. The girls are the smallest and they rule. Great bed and I can say that cause my babies are crazy about it.